Mung bean popsicles - Completed

Creamy Mung Bean Popsicles (奶香绿豆冰棍 Nai Xiang Lu Dou Bing Gun)

 Preparation: 1 hours | Cook: 6 hours      3 ingredients      dessert
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The heat wave continues in Texas! I’m starting to think this may be the new norm for summers here. As a result, I have been making more dishes to help cope with the 100° F weather.

Last week, I shared my Instant Pot Mung Bean Soup/Porridge. This week, I’m sharing a summer treat made with that mung bean soup/porridge that my kids absolutely love!

For these popsicles, besides mung beans, all you need is some evaporated milk (淡奶), which you can get from pretty much any supermarket these days. Evaporated milk is basically milk with a lot less water. It’s still in the same liquid form as regular milk, but it has a much stronger milk flavor and is super creamy. You only need a small amount to achieve the desired result.

You can also include cooked mung beans to give the popsicles more texture. It’s really a personal preference. My kids like the popsicles without the texture of the mung beans, so I usually only make these with mung bean soup (i.e., without any solids).

Tool: Popsicle Molds 1

Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Low Carb

Preparation Time:  1 hour 2

Total Time:  ~7 hours

Servings: six 3 oz popsicles



Mung bean popsicles - Ingredients


  1. In a medium mixing bow, add the 2 cups of mung bean soup, 1/4 cup of evaporated milk, and 3 tablespoons of sugar, mixing well until the sugar is completely dissolved.
Mung bean popsicles - preparation
  1. Pour the mixture into a measurement cup or a container with a handle and spout. Then carefully pour into each popsicle mold. Do not fill all the way up as the popsicle will expand when frozen.
Mung bean popsicles - preparation
  1. Insert the sticks onto the popsicle caps and put it on top of each filled mold. Put the popsicle molds in a freezer for at least 6 hours or overnight.
Mung bean popsicles - preparation
  1. When you are ready to eat a popsicle, rinse the outside of the mold with tap water so the frozen popsicle come out more easily. Enjoy before it melts!
Mung bean popsicles - preparation
Mung bean popsicles - Completed

Bon Appétit


  1. Any popsicle mold will work. Mine are about 3 oz (~88ml) each in volume.
  1. Includes time required to make the mung bean soup. If you have previously made mung bean soup, it takes less than 10 minutes to finish these popsicles.
  1. If you want to have more mung bean texture, you can use a combination of mung bean water and cooked mung beans.

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