Seed to Plate - Growing and Cooking Baby Bok Choy (Time Lapse)

Seed to Plate – Growing and Cooking Baby Bok Choy (Time Lapse)

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Over the cool season, I grew quite a bit of baby bok choy in my backyard garden. As I mentioned recently in my article on how to cook daikon radish leaves, the winter growing season in Texas was very nice and supportive. We had mild temperatures and the rainfall was very consistent. After sowing seeds in the garden, I basically did absolutely nothing. A few weeks later, I had a wonderful crop of daikon, baby bok choy, and other winter leafy greens.

Bok Choy Seeds

We had a healthy bok choy crop that lasted our family many meals. The picture above shows the baby bok choy seeds that I actually sowed and the picture below shows the bok choy crop about a month later. It only takes about 30 days to grow baby bok choy from seed!

Baby bok choy growing in garden

There are many ways to prepare bok choy, but the classic Chinese stirfry is to stirfry bok choy with mushrooms. The bok choy should still have a slight crunch after cooking and the flavor pairs very well with a variety of mushrooms. Although I shared how to stirfry bok choy with Shiitake mushrooms, you can also use other types of mushrooms. In the example below, I used king oyster mushrooms.

Baby Bok Choy Mushroom Stirfry

Since I didn’t have much to do in terms of watering, I decided to take pictures of my garden every day. I combined the pictures in the below video, which shows a time lapse of me seeding the garden, growing the baby bok choy, harvesting, and cooking the baby bok choy with king oyster mushrooms. You can see the entire process of growing and cooking baby bok choy with mushrooms in under 60 seconds. I hope you enjoy!

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