Category: Recipes | Asian Cooking Mom

Category: Recipes | Asian Cooking Mom

Da Lu Mian - Completed Dish

Da Lu Mian (西红柿打卤面)

Da Lu Mian (打卤面), a noodle dish served with a type of sauce, never fails to bring me back to my childhood in Beijing.

Published: April 17, 2021

Pork Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce - Completed Dish

Pork Spareribs With Black Bean Sauce (Instant Pot)

My top choice at a dim sum table! Pork Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce (豉汁蒸排骨) is a famous Cantonese dish.

Published: April 10, 2021

Mushroom Chicken Congee Using Instant Pot - Completed Dish

Mushroom Chicken Congee Using Instant Pot

Using an Instant Pot to make congee cuts the time in half! Try this melt-in your mouth rice congee with savory tender chicken and soft umami shiitake mushrooms.

Published: April 03, 2021

Mung Bean Sprouts - Completed Dish

Mung Bean Sprout Salad

Mung bean sprout salad is super versatile. Add it on top of rice, noodle soup, or porridge. As a standalone dish, it goes well with meat or seafood dishes. You can even add fresh chili or chili oil to make the salad spicy!

Published: March 27, 2021

Spinach Tomato Salad - Completed Dish

Spinach Tomato Salad

This is one of my go to vegetable recipes and both my kids like it very much. The tomato’s natural sweetness and acidity goes really well with the spinach. It can be vegetarian or made with a protein.

Published: March 20, 2021

Stuffed Cucumber - Completed Dish

Stuffed Cucumbers

Stuffed Cucumbers look super fancy but are actually easy to make. Cucumber chunks, acting as containers, are stuffed with ground pork and shrimp paste. Try them!

Published: March 13, 2021