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Almond Mushroom Chicken Soup

Almond Mushroom Chicken Soup (姬松茸鸡汤)

If you like stewing hen soup, here’s another great combination that uses almond mushrooms. It’s easy to make with an instant pot but can also be made on the stove.

Published: May 13, 2023

Pig Heart Soup

Pig Heart Soup with Lotus Seeds & Dried Lily

This pig heart soup is quite tasty and very economical to make. It’s great if you are frugal and want to try something new!

Published: May 06, 2023

Salted Fish Eggplant Stew - Completed Dish

Salted Fish Eggplant Stew (咸鱼茄子煲)

If you like Cantonese salted fish, this recipe brings out the flavor extremely well. It’s “xia fan” and goes really well with white rice.

Published: April 29, 2023

Stewing Hen Tea Tree Mushroom Soup

Stewing Hen Tea Tree Mushroom Soup

This is a wonderfully easy-to-make soup that uses stewing hens and tea tree leaves. It’s very soothing. Try it!

Published: April 22, 2023

Chinese Salted Fish Meat Patty - Completed dish

Chinese Salted Fish Meat Patty (咸鱼蒸肉饼)

Salted fish is a Cantonese staple. It tastes great in this steamed salted fish meat patty.

Published: April 15, 2023

Instant Pot Chicken Soup and Stock

Instant Pot Chinese Chicken Soup & Stock

Low-cost chicken soup in under 1 hour using a stewing hen & an instant pot.

Published: April 08, 2023