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If you have a question about one of the recipes, please feel free to post a comment on the relevant recipe page and I will do my best to respond.  For all other questions, please see if your question is addressed by the FAQ below.  If not, use the form below to get in touch.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Being Asian, specifically Chinese, food is in my blood. In my blog, you will mostly find a variety of Asian recipes that I cook regularly for my family and friends. I try to make foods that are healthy, yummy, and time efficient, which are the three important factors to me after having two boys and living a busy life in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

May I use your photos on my blog?
The photos on this website are copyrighted and taken by me or my husband for  You are welcome to use one photo from a recipe along with a clear link back to the recipe and

Who shoots the photos?
Mostly my husband!