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Instant Pot Chicken Soup and Stock

Instant Pot Chinese Chicken Soup & Stock

Low-cost chicken soup in under 1 hour using a stewing hen & an instant pot.

Published: April 08, 2023

Carrot Lotus Pork Bone Soup - Completed Dish

Carrot Lotus Pork Bone Soup (胡萝卜莲藕排骨汤)

I like to make this Carrot Lotus Root Pork Bone Soup when it gets hot. It helps me beat the heat!

Published: June 04, 2022

Fish Stock - Completed Dish

Fish Stock/Broth (Yu Tang 鱼汤)

This is a simple fish stock/broth recipe that serves as a precursor to many fish-centered Chinese recipes.

Published: April 23, 2022

Pork Bone Broth - Complete

Pork Bone Stock (猪骨汤底)

This pork bone stock is the base for many flavorful soups. Although it takes a while to make, it is quite simple and requires very little active time.

Published: January 11, 2020