Tag: pork | Asian Cooking Mom

Tag: pork | Asian Cooking Mom

Spinach Tomato Salad - Completed Dish

Spinach Tomato Salad

This is one of my go to vegetable recipes and both my kids like it very much. The tomato’s natural sweetness and acidity goes really well with the spinach. It can be vegetarian or made with a protein.

Published: March 20, 2021

Shanghai Wontons - Completed Dish

Shanghai Wontons in Soup 上海三鲜馄饨 Shanghai San Xian Hun Tun)

I learned this Shanghai wonton recipe from my in-laws. They are the best I have ever tasted!

Published: February 06, 2021

Pear meatballs - completed dish

Pearl Meatballs (珍珠丸子 Zhen Zhu Wan Zi)

These pearl meatballs not only look adorable with their glistening hue, but also taste great with their juicy and light texture.

Published: January 23, 2021

Winter Melon Meatball Soup - Completed Dish

Winter Melon Meatball Soup (冬瓜丸子汤 Dong Gua Wan Zi Tang)

Winter melon meat ball soup gets its umami flavor from the light and juicy meat balls. At the same time, the winter melon adds a refreshing balance to the tasty soup.

Published: January 02, 2021

Chinese Pork, Leek, and Shrimp Dumplings and Pot Stickers - Completed Pot Stickers

Chinese Chives, Pork, and Shrimp Dumplings and Pot Stickers (韭菜猪肉鲜虾三鲜饺子和锅贴)

Pot stickers or boiled dumplings? Whichever your favorite is, try my version of traditional Chinese dumplings!

Published: December 26, 2020

Shanghai Spring Rolls - Completed Dish

Shanghai Spring Rolls (上海春卷 Shanghai Chun Juan)

Spring rolls 春卷 are a traditional food that used to be enjoyed by Southern Chinese people during special holidays, like the Spring Festival 春节 (a.k.a Chinese New Year) and Lichun 立春 (the Beginning of Spring)

Published: December 12, 2020