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Peking Duck Wrapper or Spring Pancakes - Completed Dish

Peking Duck Wrappers (Spring Pancakes)

These Peking duck wrappers are paper thin and great to use with either duck or to wrap up stirfry. I eat them during ‘lichun’ and as an everyday snack for my kids.

Published: February 25, 2023

Pumpkin Panckaes with Red Bean Paste - Completed Dish

Pumpkin Pancakes with Red Bean Paste

These pumpkin pancakes have a sweet red bean paste filling. Yum!

Published: November 05, 2022

Improvised sweet sesame pancakces - completed dish

Improvised Sweet Sesame Pancakes

These quick and easy improvised sesame pancakes are a sweet addition to my homemade snacks. They go really well with coffee!

Published: October 01, 2022

Improvised Chinese Scallion Pancakes - Completed Dish

Improvised Chinese Scallion Pancakes (快手葱油饼)

Improvised! I made up a way to quickly create scallion pancakes that taste great!

Published: August 13, 2022

Shredded Daikon Pancakes - Completed Dish

Shredded Daikon Pancakes (萝卜丝饼 Luo Bo Si Bing)

Easy to make Daikon Pancakes! Try these if you love daikon!

Published: July 23, 2022