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Almond Flour Banana Bread with Walnuts and Raisins - Completed Dish

Almond Flour Banana Bread with Walnuts and Raisins (香蕉核桃葡萄干面包)

I have been making this low carb Banana Bread for breakfast or as afternoon snack. It’s soft, sweet, moist, and nutty. And I can’t tell the difference between this one and its wheat counterpart.

Published: August 07, 2021

Shrimp Fried Rice with Peas and Eggs - Preparation

Shrimp Fried Rice with Peas and Eggs (鲜虾豌豆蛋炒饭)

Shrimp Fried Rice. With peas and Eggs. A quick and easy meal!

Published: May 22, 2021

Tea eggs - completed dish

Tea Eggs (茶叶蛋 Cha Ye Dan)

Tea eggs are hard-boiled eggs that have been marinated in a tea-infused liquid. They have a savory taste and are filled with the aroma from the tea leaves. You can find street vendors selling tea eggs in train stations, by tourist sights, and in front of schools in many parts of Asia.

Published: January 16, 2021

Quick and Easy Egg Drop Soup - Completed Dish

Quick and Easy Egg Drop Soup (蛋花汤 Dan Hua Tang)

Try my homemade egg drop soup with its silky, ribbony strands of eggs. While it’s not as salty as the restaurant version, my family loves it!

Published: September 26, 2020

Ramen Soft Boiled Eggs - Completed

Ramen Soft-Boiled Eggs (溏心卤蛋)

These ramen soft-boiled eggs go well with instant or homemade ramen, rice, or salads. They can also be eaten by themselves. Make some and keep them handy!

Published: July 04, 2020

Stir-fried Tomatoes and Scrambled Eggs - Finished

Tomatoes and Scrambled Eggs Stir Fry (番茄炒蛋)

Stir-fried tomatoes and scrambled eggs is probably the most popular and easiest main dish for the Chinese cook at home. You will not find it in most Chinese restaurants because it is such a homey dish that chefs at restaurants might feel is too simple to put on the menu. There is nothing fancy about the dish, yet it is very tasty.

Published: January 18, 2020